RIOT online course

This project provides a learning course for RIOT, an operating system for constrained IoT devices, i.e. powered by microcontrollers.

Content of the course

The course is divided in 5 sections:

The full course is designed for 2 full days of work by mixing lectures and exercises to put in practice the exposed notions.

How to use the course

Only a web browser with an internet connection is needed:

We highly recommend you to use a laptop or a workstation to follow the tutorial. Small screens, e.g on smartphones, are not well supported and make user experience with Jupyter Notebooks harder.

Hardware used

The boards used during the exercises are all hosted on the IoT-LAB testbed:

Tutorials based on this course

This course together with the exercices can be used for shorter and more oriented tutorials. Here is a list of existing tutorials:


All course material (slides) is licensed under the Creative commons license CC-BY-ND